Monday, 3 September 2012

Summer Holidays

We've had a couple of weeks off, travelling around the UK, catching up with friends and generally just chilling. Popping up to site mid break we were hoping to find the roof done but unfortunately the roofers were also off (doing someone else's roof.) Oh well, "c'est la vie!"

Not all has been quiet on site though. we now have the foundations for the garage and they have also been doing a bit of site house work -we are now the owners of probably the tidiest site in the UK!

Unfortunately when we popped up to site on Saturday we discovered that the telescopic forklift truck thingy had been stolen. The b@#*@!ds had got into the site then driven over the metal barriers and across the garden and then ploughed straight though our hedge. We would like to thank our PM and the local police for acting promptly to our calls for help. Sadly, as with all these things I suspect that the vehicle is already in a container, on a ship.

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