Friday, 14 September 2012

Progress (1)......

The roofers are back, the sun is shining and tiles are going on and the fireplaces/chimney are growing.

The replacement telehandler (look at me with all the jargon!) has arrived..........oh no it hasn't it's been pinched again!!! ARGHHH, and driven through our hedge again - at least it was the same hole so there isn't any more damage but it sure is looking sorry for itself now :-(
Two burgularies within a week, surely that is just not on. But this one had a tracker and I am pleased to say that I was informed today by the Police that they have arrested a "gentleman" in connection with the second theft and he is in custody awaiting trial. Well done to our local Police force.

Moving on....on a happier note I LOVE our roof. I love the fact that where the dormer windows come out of the roof there is no lead flashing and where two roof pitches abutt each other, again there is no flashing, just beautiful curved tiles.


And if you don't understand what I meant above - here is what I don't like!

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  1. You are right the tiles on your roof look beautiful!