Saturday, 18 August 2012

More work on the roof..

18th August 2012

Roof is ready to be tiled, tiles are there waiting to be put on the roof. So I guess that's what will happen next week.

And a few more internal walls have been put up on the ground floor.


  1. Can we come and stay yet?

    Looks fab, must be very exciting.

    Lol - the Perks

    1. A wants to camp there this weekend! Cold mains tap and (builders) portaloo - glamping? I think not!! You are welcome to join us....

  2. Judging by the first picture, the roof installed was cedar. :) Good choice of roof LJ, as cedar roofs are naturally resistant to the sun and rain; which is probably one of the major reasons why a lot of people buy them.

  3. Hmm, what’s the progress on the roof? Also, may I know the color of the tile you used? If you’re going for a classic look, then gray or blue colored shingles are good options. Personally, I prefer oak shingles, as they fit in several color schemes and house designs.

  4. Hi, Tiles used were Traditional Blend from Heritage Clay Tiles Ltd (www.heritage )