Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cat Burglar?

Well, yesterday was a busy day up at site.

1) Meeting with another tradesman up there in the morning.
While we were wandering around the site we came across a gorgeous fluffy grey kitten with the bluest eyes I have ever seen. When we approached it it scampered back into the bramble bush and when we looked there were 2 other kittens, black & white and equally fluffy. We couldn't see the mother, and they just didn't look like your typical stray, farmhouse moggy. We couldn't get to them, so I thought I'd bring some cat food up for them later as I was returning to the site that evening. I contacted an animal home but they advised me, as they sounded young, that their mother was probably nearby and it was probably better I left them for the time being but to try to keep a check on them if possible.

2) Meeting with Husband & Architect later that evening.
So armed with cat food and a camera - to take some pictures of the kittens if possible. I returned with kids at about 6.30pm. To my confusion, when I got up there the large concrete slab that had been in position that morning, had been moved. When I stepped onto the driveway I noticed a pile of stuff by the shed that also hadn't been there earlier. It was at this point that the others arrived so as they were parking up I walked further onto the site and it was then that I spotted a man hiding by the garage when I approached him (with shouts of "Oi what are you doing on my land") he just got up and fled into the trees. I shouted at my husband to go down the road and look for him. I then got my camera out to take photos of rubbish & concrete slab. When I turned around another bloke was calmly walking from around the other side of the flies on me this time, as I asked him what he was doing here, I took a couple of rather good photos of him. I won't post them as I have passed them onto the Police & the local Fly-tipping enforcement officer. He said he'd been told he could park on the land by someone (name witheld for legal reasons!) I then asked where was his car then? "It's in the garage" (our bloody garage!) was his reply, and he opened the garage door and there it was nicely parked - obviously I took this as another great photo opportunity! Somewhat bemused by this (and struggling, along with the Architect, to know what to do next) I stated that he was not allowed to park on this property and that we would be reporting this incident to the police and so he drove off..................if only it ended there.
As he drove down the lane he encountered my husband who stood in the centre of the road so he could not pass. "Have you just come from Little Plummers?" husband enquired, "NO" responded the trespasser!

I will await a call from crimewatch .

Oh, and after all that excitement we couldn't see the kittens. But then they had been near to where the first man was hiding so they probably ran off frightenend too!

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