Friday, 9 August 2013

We've moved.....

.....into some of the rooms!
Well we have unpacked some of the boxes, but many are still piled up in the unfinished rooms.
T1 and T2 are pretty much sorted. They have both moved into rooms that are considerably bigger than their previous bedrooms and they seem to have  spread themselves out and filled the space (not sure how all their possessions fitted into their previous rooms now!)

Our room is still work in progress but hope to be in it soon.
Headboard ready and waiting, with dressing area to the rear.

Carpenters have been busy fitting the staircase

Fitted furniture company have been fitting furniture!
Another two areas of completeness are:
The family room - a place to hide when the builders dust gets too much!
And the kitchen - our small table for 4 looked lost in the dining space so a larger one was purchased. We think it looks superb in our oak framed house.




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  1. Congrats, how exciting moving in! We moved in New Years Day 2012 and the house felt so empty until we got all our furniture and stuff in! Hope your enjoying your first few days and settling in well. Looking forward to more photos.

    All things nice...