Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fifty shades of ........

.....Farrow & Ball!
This Easter, I've mostly been watching paint dry...


  1. Lovely colours- which is the front runner? Mouses back is nice, we used it at this years nec show for the weatherboarding. But most of the F& B grays are fab. Have fun! Merry x

  2. Hi Merry, We've had Joa round (of Joa's white fame! I know very extravagant but she's a friend of someone we know) and she has selected some of the colours - could well end up being every shade of gray & cream with a few mental colours on some statement walls for good measure! Final decisions not far off now.....keep following! Lx

  3. I love the idea of a few mental colours - I've always fancied (but never been allowed) a blast of dirty acid yellow or a something as dark as Downpipe - maybe on the next house!!!?

    And I LOVE that the real Joa is your paint colour consultant - super flash but oh so cool.....

    will wait with baited 'elephants breath' for the final choice.