Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Update from the Quagmire.....

I know I'm not alone in getting a bit p***ed off with this bloomin' weather. Even poor Queenie's celebratory Diamond Jubilee fly past was cancelled. 
Things once again have slowed down a bit on site, and the work that is taking place is all just very muddy. Well done to all the guys working up there the last couple of weeks, especially yesterday (I personally only did the school run/swim and remained inside for the rest of the day)

Despite the water levels rising, one thing is going down.....

And a little reminder of before,

 Oak frame is apparently due to arrive next week, now that should bring some truly amazing photos. So please weather try and been a little drier for the next month - not too bothered about it being hotter. Surely that isn't too much to ask


  1. Indoor swimming pool coming along nicely

    1. Yes,m our diving board will be delivered soon!