Monday, 30 April 2012

Rain, rain go away....

I confess to not having made an appearance on site this week - having last made a brief muddy appearance on the 19th April. Even then the hard working guys were starting to struggle and were going to call it a day - I certainly don't blame them. So to be honest when we popped in briefly on Sunday I had expected nothing to have been done in the last week. But they had obviously tried and had done some filling in. The basement was now though completely flooded - perhaps we should have a basement pool?

The plot is situated at the top of a hill but all the roads around were flooded, even the ditch that separates our plot from the road had filled up with water to it's highest level. Another tree in the meadow had fallen down and a further one looked as though it would follow suit shortly.
At least today it is sunny but having looked at the weather it looks as though more rain is coming again tonight.....

Of course the most amusing thing about all of this is that on April 5th seven water authorities imposed a hose pipe ban (affecting over 20 million customers) and on April 6th it started to rain, and rain, and rain. This will go down as the "wettest drought in history"!!

(p.s not my spelling!!)

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