Monday, 25 July 2011

School Holidays....

.....T1 & T2 may well have now been off from school for a couple of weeks now but we haven't been idle. Fires have been built, dens created, friends have visited us and children have run amok!

Husband and I even managed to get up to Herefordshire with our architect to see a couple of oak framed specialists, with view to appointing one of this space - awaiting quotes.



And talking of quotes, we received a lovely one from British Gas. They phoned me up just to check a few details and then said "Well there is no low pressure gas pipe near you and it would be very expensive" a few clicks later and the computer had worked out the cost" it would be about £1,000,000" Obviously I thought about this for about a nano second and said "Thanks but no thanks". So that is one decision made we won't be having mains gas.

Another decision has been made too. After meeting many tree men up at site we have appointed a company to do our site clearance & tree felling. Apparently we just have to wait for their big "Volvo" (and we are not talking an XC90!) to be finished at the Rothschild's and it can then start at ours. Due to arrive in early September.

We've also had the electrics disconnected. The nice men from Morrison Utilities dug a hole and exposed a good length of cable so we could use it for our Temporary Building Supply (TBS). The "jointer" then turned up and cut the cable close to the post thus meaning we will need a new cable when we need a TBS - you would have thought it was his first day on the job.

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