Tuesday, 24 May 2011

"Swallows and Amazons"...............

...............well, actually it was more like "Stig of the dump"!

Went up to check out the new pad on Saturday. No more dumping thank goodness. Kind neighbouring farmer has blocked off the driveway with a large concrete post so hopefully that will put a stop to it.
A couple of the panels boarding up the windows have been pulled off. Honestly it's boarded up because it's empty not because we want to protect all the valuables hidden inside!
 All the lead flashing has been ripped off. Is it that valuable when compared to the cost of petrol to come and get it and then sell it?
"Thing 1" (T1 - not to be confused with airport terminals!) and "Thing 2" (T2) loved thrashing out paths through the nettles. They are obviously budding explorers - next plan is to build a Den (although that will probably get squatters!)

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