Friday, 27 May 2011

Let's make plans....

Our first meeting with our architect post planning approval .
All a bit daunting really. Tree removal, building demolition, site preparation, topographical surveys, drainage, water/electricity/gas supplies, plus much more. Get the detailed plans done then put out to tender. If we are lucky we should be able to start work on the foundations by the beginning of October. Bang goes my plan of going away at half term then.
We left the architect with them starting to draw up more detailed plans but on our way out he just "happened" to mention a firm specialising in "home entertainment, lighting, security...blah blah technical stuff", that just so "happened" to be in the next door office. We briefly popped into their "demo room" which quite frankly is just bloody amazing. We are currently somewhat behind on this sort of stuff - "we will get a flat screen TV (or any other  new gadget, please adapt as necessary) when we move"- being a favourite saying in our house. I may well need to do a course in just how to operate a high spec house if we go with something like this - but here's to hoping that we will join the 21st century!

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